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We are OFTEC registered to install oil tanks, boilers, commission, services and repair appliances

What is an OFTEC registered installer?

Before an installer can become OFTEC registered they have to complete an approved training course and pass an assessment. They are then reassessed by OFTEC regularly to ensure they continue to meet the required working standards to remain OFTEC registered.

OFTEC registered installers can self-certify that their work meets Building Regulations and can carry out certain work without a building control notice. Any customer who uses an OFTEC registered installer will receive an official certificate to confirm that the work done meets the official industry standards for safety and quality. This means that homeowners do not need to spend time or money getting the work checked by the local authority. There are approximately 8,000 technicians who are registered with the OFTEC competent person scheme.

Boiler breakdown.jpeg

Oil Boiler Breakdowns

There can be nothing worse than having no heating or hot water. If this happens, don't hesitate to contact us and we will try our best to get engineer to you as soon as possible.

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Annual Oil Boiler Service

It is important to regularly service your appliances to maintain your warranty and keep them working smoothly and efficiently. Appliances that aren't serviced regularly can cost you more in your energy bills as they operate inefficiently and can void your boiler warranty.

Find out our prices here.

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Oil Boiler Replacement

We strive to make things hassle-free and convenient; especially when it comes to our Inventory Management. If this package best suits your needs, then feel free to book an appointment with us today!

Contact us to book in an engineer.

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